May 11, 2008

Weekend viewing-non anime

A quiet weekend overall. One of the advantages of visiting my Mum's is that I get to catch up on the latest sky one programmes she'd taped for me.

I therefore spent an enjoyable afternoon watching the following:


Lost- yikes it's getting dark. I was shocked how casually Alex was killed off, the staff did a good job making you feel sorry for Ben. Flash forward showed how Sayid came to be working for Ben

Battlestar Galactica- still reeling after Cally's trip out the airlock. Was another filler episode IMO. More Baltar is jesus and Starbuck is a loon, though bit of tension at the end with a mutiny against her.

Doctor Who- two episodes (including this weeks). Second part of the Sontaran storyline. Wish they'd stop doing invasion storylines, are getting dull. Good to see the Unit boys in action though (despite the WTF in Unit having control of North Korea's nukes- yeah like that would ever happen!)

Second one- 'The Doctor's Daughter'. A quick hand scan and boom, one kick-ass time lady (who died and revived, but didn't regenerate. Think we'll be seeing her again.

ANd now I'm going to watch Hero on C4. later!

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