May 26, 2008

MCM expo

Oh. My. God.

Don't think anyone (certainly not the organisers) expected such a turnout. I got there about 11:15, and didn't get to the front of the ticket que for nearly 2 hours!

Also by the time I got in I'd missed the anime panel, and just got into the auditorium in time for the Galactica panel. (this could be the reason for the crush; as it included Edward James Olmos, in his first appearance at such an event). There was also Aaron Douglas (Cheif Tyrol), Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta) and the presidents cylon aide (whose name escapes me). The panel was quite interesting, no news as such (if you're up to date that is- good job I'd seem last weeks episode). Olmos gave an anti-bush rant for a good five minutes (which seemed odd, as I imagine Adama would be quite a hawk)

Anyway, afterwards I wandered around but the crowds were annoying, plus all the good deals seemed to have gone already. But I did meet Danny Jon Jules (AKA the Cat in Red Dward) and Colin Baker (6th Doctor). Plus were lots of Cosplayers, some of which had plut a lot of effort in (did see a couple of Men in sailor suits, which was a bit disturbing).

Overall an interesting day, not as good as the last one though as was jsut too busy. Hopefully the nest one will have more space and more ticket sellers!


Forgot to mention my chats with some of the industry people. The one guy who was left from ADV UK (now employed by their new independant distributor) was rather pessimistic about their chance of survival, and how this is the worst time to have no money for new licenses, and since most recent series were too niche for international viewers (ya think?) the competition for the ones which would sell well had lead to them being too expensive for them.

On the other hand  the guy from MVM (who used to distribute Geneon's titles was more optamistic, saying they were looking to release the back catalogue and stuff they hadn't done before and were looking for other options (maybe Media Blasters will finally get a UK rep?)

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