May 27, 2008

Life after People

Was a rather depressing documentary on Channel 4 last night.

The basic premise was, 'what would happen if humans became extinct. The prolem for me was that their scenario imagined everyone dead, but no other animals affected and no damage to buildings, etc. This seemed rather unlikely to me, what exactly could kill 7 billion people and affect noting else on the planet (a virus would be my best guess, but even that would take time and the panic it would cause would result in riots and other damage I'd imagine)

T other big nitpick was how they didn't mention what would be the longest lasting human artifacts- the Voyager and Pioneer probes (though to be fair the focus was more on the human mark of Earth, and they of course are far off in interstellar space). What was really depressing though was the number of talking heads who seemed to think this would be a good thing; the worst (IMO) was the a guy talking abut how Central park would go wild and spread thoughout Manhattan, 'hich would be great' (paraphrasing slightly).

I think I prefer New York full of people myself

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